Oye Jugni,

I am Neha Chopra. A filmmaker a.k.a storyteller by passion and profession. I believe that people around the world have an innate desire to dream, share and express!

I am often asked, “Who is Jugni?” – For me, Jugni is a storyteller. Witty. Explorative. Learning new things. A wandering soul who observes, shares her impressions and experiences. In short, Jugni is the spirit of life!

In the pursuit of keeping the spirit of life alive within me, i am shaping Forever Jugni as my blog-avtar – a warm and fuzzy space where i love to connect, contemplate and create stories with words & camera 📷

I am Jugni and so are you! Keep engaging with my discoveries on:

– Alternative lifestyle
– Parenting experiments
– Body positivity experiences
– Offbeat explorations
– Bohemian adventures with a twist of Minimalism
– And the colour Purple

Be Jugni. Stay Jugni.

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