3 Reasons To Unbox The iDiwali Story And Activity Book

Our daughter’s name is Noor. It means ‘The Light’ in Arabic. Diwali, being the Festival of Lights, celebrated across India with fervor and fanfare becomes a significant festival to be introduced to her.

We do not believe that buying children mindless amounts of gifts, sweets and crackers does any justice to them learning about the significance of a festival. Involving them in activities, engaging with them in experiences and spending time offline, bonding as a family brings out the true flavor of any festival.

Till now, we intentionally try to ditch the city during this festival because of the shor-sharaba associated with the festivities. We plan a holiday to the nearby peaceful getaways so that we can escape the noise and air pollution. This year however, we were stuck in Mumbai for some project work and I was dreading the onset of Diwali holidays.

I was desperately looking for ways to introduce the concept of Diwali, some hands-on activities around the story of Diwali to instill a sense of pride in our daughter about her culture and heritage. A friend recommended the iDiwali book and I decided to check it out.



Two-in-One Advantage

You can find aisles filled with activity books, so how is this different? Well, for starters, an activity book is pretty much redundant once your child is done with the sticking or coloring or the said activity. Whereas, the iDiwali is designed in such a way that its 10 chapters encapsulate the story of Diwali in an innovative way. Initially the book acts as a platform where you engage your child with the activities, they subconsciously get introduced to the elements of Diwali. After the completion of these activities, the book transforms into a storybook, which you can read and re-read as the days pass by. It is interactive hands on story telling and experiential activities – both packaged into one engaging book!



Engaged Storytelling

While doing the activities, the children are engrossed in an experience. The hands-on interactivity gradually unravels the story of Diwali for them. I observed that the activities done by the children lend the book a personalized feeling and the story reading sessions become more interesting as it develops a sense of ownership in the child, they also get to play various characters in the book. It is as if they have customized the book themselves, crafted the story themselves. They relive these experiences as they read along the story!



Wide Array of Activities

The author of the book has tried to design the book so as to engage children of all ages, might I add, adults too 😉 😉 The variety of hands-on activities ranging from simpler ones of sticking and coloring, gradually moving towards identifying, counting, maze solving, flap cards, drawing and then going towards complex activities like making greeting cards, lantern making, model making etc. is an enriching array of activities all rolled into one book.


The younger children however can participate with a bit of assistance; while the older children can pretty much have a go at it on their own. The best part is that there are extra sheets of cutouts available so your child has room for improving. All in all, the book in its 10 chapters and various activities covers up almost all aspects of Diwali. Phew! That’s no mean feat.



Room for Improvement

It brings me immense joy to see that the author of the book Kajal Dharod was inspired to create this book from her own experiences as a mother of twins. Her venture Your Learning Capsules and the brand Vitamin Simple have put in great efforts for keeping this book engaging yet economical (available for just Rs. 299 INR), so that it has maximum reach. Going forward, I would like to see improvement in the graphic design elements of the book – better cover design, spacious layouts, improved image quality to name a few, because in the words of M. Cobanli, “Good Design Works, Great Design Spreads”.

I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below if you have bought this book for your child. If you are motivated by my blog and decide to gift your child the iDiwali book – a first of its kind interactive story and activity book, I will be waiting for your shares too.

Happy Diwali. Let there be Light and Love!!!

By, Forever Jugni 


Disclaimer: Being part of JAMMs, a Mumbai based parenting support and networking group, I was sent a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates, in any way. You are welcome to follow JAMMs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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