5 Reasons To Get Splashy At Baby’s Castle!

The first few months and years with your baby and toddler are full of anxiety and adventures. I believe that as our baby’s transition from womb to the world, water and positive touch can help them feel loved and secure. In fact, Touch is the first language that a parent and child develop, to communicate and understand each other.

As a parent, I always wanted my baby to learn swimming. An opportunity to swim is important to offer a sensorial experience and also helps build confidence in water, early in life. Sadly, none of the pools in India allow children under 3 years of age to enter the pool, plus the scare of chemicals and chlorine affecting her tender skin worried me some.

Even though my girl was a wee bit older for a baby spa outing, she was very excited about going to a castle. As soon as we entered the premises, she made a dash for the soft play area; this gave me some time to interact with the founder of Baby’s Castle and a fellow mamma, Dr. Priyanka Bhoir. It was great to hear her journey from being a doctor to using her training and experience in bringing to India – its first and only Baby and Mother Wellness Centre. What started as a search for providing the best care for her son soon became a vision to be shared with babies and mothers in India. Baby’s Castle offers services like aqua therapy, baby massage, mom & baby spa, pediatric physiotherapy, antenatal aqua sessions and an indoor play zone, in a safe, hygienic and relaxed environment under guidance and loving care of trained professionals. Dr. Priyanka has personally trained her staff for 3 months to make sure that they share her passion and work towards offering parents a unique bonding experience with their children.

Initially, my girl was puzzled as she entered the pool, but soon she was giggling and moving towards the colorful toys spread in water. Accompanying her in the pool was a tiny baby. One could observe through the transparent glass how their tiny bodies uncurl to make micro movements in water. I love the idea of acclimatizing babies to water in their infancy. It not only keeps their instincts intact but studies have shown that children who swim also demonstrate better cognitive and physical abilities than others. Babies and toddlers definitely learn and grow through experience. Exposure to water is a great sensorial experience to introduce to children.

In my conversations, Dr. Priyanka told me that babies are born with a reflex called the bradycardic response. This makes babies hold their breath and open their eyes when introduced to water. It is the same response you get when you gently blow air on your baby’s face. This reflex disappears after about 6 months of age. Introducing babies to aqua spa sessions from infancy can strengthen this reflex that can aid them in becoming natural swimmers as they grow, provided they get constant coaching.

I knew that my girl had no issues with water but to see her splashing away and having so much fun was an exciting sight. Once my water baby was happy in the company of trainers, I decided to treat myself to some me time! In the adjacent room, dimly lit with aroma of scented candles, I had the most incredible 15 minutes of blissful foot massage. We all want to be pampered, but for moms these minutes of relaxation prove to be the savior of their sanity. While I enjoyed my foot massage, my daughter was massaged, cleaned and clothed for our drive back home. Believe me, I have experienced babies sleeping well after some water-time/bath-time but it proved true for my toddler as well. She ate her evening snack and slept her way back home, through the entire night, so her dad and me got some we time to ourselves thanks to Baby’s Castle.

I truly believe that time spent in the water is time well spent…!

Before I sign off, here are my top five reasons for planning a session at the Baby’s Castle Wellness Centre:

1. Floating Is A Life Skill

Baby swimming is not only a vital life skill but also an enriching experience for the parents and their babies. Introducing them to water at a young age can prevent fear of water and boost their confidence levels. Swimming babies develop their learning skills like motor skills, social skills and mental skills, faster than non-swimmers.

2. Floating Is Freedom

Usually a session is for 60 minutes but initially it can range somewhere between 30 to 60 minute, depending on the age and comfort level of your baby. Babies and toddlers are supported by a patented flotation device because of which they are able to move freely in water, unaffected by gravity, exploring a range of movements.

3. Promotes Bonding, Boosts Confidence

Skin-to-Skin contact between you and your little one can prove to be an excellent bonding opportunity providing you with uninterrupted quality time with your baby observing their behavioral cues. As they grow, these sessions help boost your baby’s confidence level as they start to move independently in water sans fear and anxiety.

4. Standards For Hygiene 

When such path-breaking ideas come to India, the only doubt that surfaces is the quality and standards of maintenance in the long run. From what I saw, the spaces were designed keeping hygiene and safety in mind.

  • They have two customized baby pools ideal for babies from 1 month to 2.5 years.
  • The water is purified and heated to an appropriate temperature. It is completely free of any and all chemicals.
  • They provide special swim diapers that are waterproof and warm swim towels that are sanitized with baby skin friendly detergents that are free from additives and chemicals.
  • Hand sanitizer is advised and administered to any and every visitor to ensure protection.
  • They have also curated a range of products that are certified and chemical free for parents to choose from to cater to their baby’s need.
  • They have a complimentary indoor soft play area to keep the little ones engaged.
  • They have support staff and a doctor on board.

5. Routine and Continuity

Many parents observe benefits in one session but with routine and continuity, the benefits of movements through water have several positive effects in the long run.

  • They put your baby at ease and enhance their overall wellbeing.
  • They help in keeping intact the innate swimming reflexes that babies are born with.
  • They stimulate your baby’s appetite.
  • They lead to improved sleeping and feeding patterns.
  • Buoyancy and water resistance can improve muscular and skeletal strength along with increase in their lung capacity.
  • They improve balance and coordination and can help your babies reach their developmental milestones like the ability to crawl, walk and swim.
  • Hydrotherapy stimulates both the brain and the muscles.

We do plan to come back for her birthday and avail the underwater photography services at Baby’s Castle to capture my little one in the kingdom of water. 

~ Forever Jugni ~




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