DREAM:IN Reflections

My journey at Dream:IN since the dawn of year 2011 has been of reinstating the faith in the power of dreams.

There is often an inward shutting off or drawing back of our dreams in the daily rut of life. The extraordinarily vivid dream capturing process at Dream:IN made us revisit the endless stretches of Indian dreamscape. Attempting to touch the actual problem and inner conflicts of every Indian.

The learning from the conclave discussions led me to recognize the limit of government in solving all of society’s problems. New connections were discovered so that the rapidly growing resources could flow in to deliver greater value to society. Many number of new opportunities emerged from this project, which will eventually find their way into design thinking theory and practice.

Neha’s Diary of Dreams

As for the storyteller soul in me, it has established an evolving relationship with the Dream:IN project. The final destination is yet to be determined but my dreams float free of boundaries and lines… to create something new, to feel whole in my expressions!

Our DREAM:IN Studio is all set to edit... Catchers Go! Go! Go!

Our DREAM:IN Studio is all set to edit… Catchers Go! Go! Go!

You may visit the DREAM:IN blog to speed read Q&A with Neha Chopra and, do upload your dreams on www.dreamin.in

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